A WorldWideWeb Inquiry Project

for activation of the passive surfing, learning and living individual

Take any issue you think it's historically relevant that humanity learns to deal with it or which should be sceptically reviewed (chapter II shall help you to find ideas with some key-topics and videos)

Learn what this is and what's intended to let you do for the future in chapter III

Research on your chosen issues in the Internet (Therefor you might get some useful helpers in chapter IV )

Create anything conciliating creative with your collected knowledge and retain your results at chapter V

Finally give a feedback (i.e. about this implementation of the method) to the audience and science at chapter VI

...two ways lead to the enlightment about this webpage...

  • Webquest - use this as an e-learning introduction to webquests and to your educative personality → make an own! (in IV there are linked some free-Webspace providers to realise this hands-on)
  • Rapquest - use this as an activation of lively conciousness and your creative personality → spread the word! (in V there are some examples how this could look and sound like)

(Rap + webquest = lyrical self-education)